Property Inspection

Home Inspections

Most property buyers spend more time examining the used vehicle they are about to buy than the house they are looking to buy.

Property buyers need answers to questions such as:-

  • Does the roof leak?
  • How long before the roof, gutters, fascia’s etc. need repair or replacement?
  • Is there damp in the walls?
  • Are the walls, roof, foundations etc. structurally sound?
  • Are the cracks in the walls serious?
  • Are the geyser, plumbing and drainage systems in order?
  • Is the electrical system adequate and safe?
  •  Is the storm water runoff control adequate?
  • What maintenance and repairs are needed to keep the building in good condition?

Property sellers need to know that the Consumer Protection Act places the responsibility on the seller to make full disclosure on the condition of the property for sale. They may not be aware of serious defects because they do not have the experience or expertise to identify these defects.

Role of the Home Inspector.

The professional property inspector will provide common sense, factual answers regarding the actual physical condition of the property and will document all significant observable defects, assess and explain the
significance of each defect.
He will also play a role with regards to the Consumer Protection law which places the responsibility on the seller and his agent to make full disclosure to the buyer of the actual condition of the property which is changing

Multiworks can

  • Provide a snapshot of the actual physical condition of a property at the time of inspection,
  • Document all significant observable defects,
  • Asses and explain the significance of each defect,
  • Provide an informed estimate of any repairs.

Additional Services;

  • Provide inspections of leased units before tenants take occupation and when they leave.